A Bit About the Women of Total Labor Care

Dorin JordanAAHCC, Birth Doula, Lactation Specialist 
Hello! My journey started when I gave birth to my first son. I really wanted a natural childbirth, as I had been born one of 4 kids, all naturally. I fully expected to have a natural birth when I went to the hospital to have my son. The problem was that I hadn’t educated myself on how to achieve what I wanted for my birth. I ended up with “the works” birth, complete with narcotics, epidural and an unnecessary episiotomy.
My personal birth philosophy is this: every family is unique and every birth is different. Parents-to-be have the right and responsibility to educate themselves about the options they have and make the best decision for their individual family. Most of the couples who take my classes give birth in a hospital with a traditional doctor or a certified nurse midwife. Many other couples choose to give birth in an out of hospital birth center or at home. I like to provide balanced information so that these parents can make well educated decisions about their care. When I’m not busy teaching or reading about birth, I’m homeschooling my boys! I also run a local food and allergy support group, another one of my passions!  Visit my website, NineMonthsandCounting, to learn more about me and my services...

Amanda Moore, ALACE Certified Doula, CE, Lactation Support, Gottman CE
Birth has become a passion for me.  I read about it, teach about it, counsel on it,  advocate for it and marvel at it - every single time. No "one" birth is the same and I  am humbled constantly by how a woman "unfolds" before my very eyes in her  birthing time.  I have been a mother three times over and have grown uniquely  from each experience.  I believe deeply that your birth is a reflection of what you  bring to it,  so I work with couples to become educated, supported, and connected  with each other in preparation for this big event.  I enjoy the relationship building  we do during our time prenatally (either within or outside of classes) and am as  excited as the couple when labor begins.  I love watching couples strengthen their  relationship through gentle caresses and kind acts during labor.  And I enjoy  being present during that magic moment when another human being is born and a couple becomes a family.  I have experience in the hospital, birthing center and homebirth environments and feel that birth triggers a different idea of comfortable for each of us, which makes sense.  There is no wrong way to birth - there is only "your" way.  I take great pleasure in the postpartum visits with the couples I work with.  I like taking some of the mystery out of the first couple of weeks and providing a road map for transition to life with "baby" or "new baby".  I have recently been trained as a Gottman Educator, for the Bringing Baby Home Curriculum designed to support couples/parents prenatally as well as once baby is born and hope to begin offering new parent retreats and workshops in the Summer of 2012.  Visit my website Holistic Expectations to learn more about me and my services...

Kathleen Wilson, ALACE Certified Doula, Birth Arts International,Aromatherapy
Hello!  I have been helping at births for over ten years now and loving it more the  longer I do it!  My goals are to empower women and support the whole family  through pregnancy,  labor, delivery and the post-partem period, to facilitate  communication with everyone involved, to encourage the birthing mother and her  family and to advocate on their behalf.  I specialize in working in hospitals and  with hospital staff to create the desired birth experience for my clients and their  loved ones.  I have experience with home births and birth centers. I look forward to  growing with each birth. Every birth is unique an I learn something from every  family I work with. I don't believe there is one right way to have a baby.  I believe if  you are educated and make the decisions and are empowered to choose your birth  path, then you have a successful birth.  I have given birth three times, twice in hospital and once in birth center.  My first birth was an (unplanned) augmentation with pitocin, narcotics and an epidural. My daughter was born into this world during tropical storm Allison.  She was the greatest joy of my life and her difficult birth did not diminish the great joy I took in her. My second birth was an unmedicated self delivery.  My amazing hospital experience with my second daughter really taught me that it was possible to have an amazing natural experience in hospital.  My third birth was a completely unmedicated, intervention free birth at a birth center. My son was caught by his father, surrounded by our family and friends.  I have delivered semi-supine, squatting and in water.  I loved all three of my births and cherish all of them.  Not one of them was right or better than the other, but they were all very different.  I hope to help families have their ideal birth, but birth is unpredictable, what may be ideal now (in planning)  may just not work when you are having a baby.  I am flexible and always think of options to help get you closest to your ideal birth.  I do not judge your decisions (nor make them for you), but support you and your partner in the decision making process. Visit my website Labor Enabler to learn more about me and my services...

Jessica Gonzales, Birth (DONA) and Postpartum Doula, CE (CAPPA)
"I’ve wanted to be a part of the birthing process for as long as I can remember. My introduction to women’s health started at UTMB in Houston where I worked in the  Regional and Maternal Child Heath Program. I was mentored by a group of  midwives who taught me that pregnancy and birth should not be treated as an  illness but embraced as an empowering event in a woman’s life. I also worked with  and learned a great deal from a group of Ob/Gyns that specialized in high risk  pregnancies and births. Working with both groups taught me the importance of  applying the principals of the Midwifery Model of Care to all births, in or out of the hospital. I began spending my weekends at the birth center witnessing births and instantly fell in love with everything about it. I spent the subsequent years becoming more and more involved in women’s health determined to empower women and families. My passion for birth has evolved to include a love of educating expectant and new families.  My philosophy on birth is that we are perfectly designed to give birth. Where and how that happens is unique to each woman. As a doula my job is not to judge or make decisions for you. My job is to make sure that you have enough evidence based information to make an informed decision about your care and to then provided unconditional support to you and your partner no matter what type of birth you choose. I’ve supported all types of families at all types of births.  My goal is to give you the birth experience that will empower you as a parent. What you take away from your birth experience will influence your choices as a parent and ultimately your relationship with your child. Visit my website VillageBirthworks.com to learn more about me and my services."

Rowan TwoSisters LMT, MTI, CIMI, TTTtm, Minister, Reiki master, Nia Blue Belt instructor, Hoopnotica and BodyHoops hoopdance instructor
Unofficial credentials include medical intuitive, tarot professional, tarot instructor and lover of all things fermented, teacher of how to ferment damn near anything. I live and breathe healing arts.
My experience includes 17+ years exploring massage, midwifery, essential oils, accepting divine self and green economics. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to facilitate folks living more comfortably in their own skin.

Visit my website  TwoSisters Body Therapy to learn more about me and my services.
Questions? Email Rowan - or catch me on Facebook!

Joli Ammons  Doula
 All of my life, I have been a caregiver in one form or another, always filling a niche where I could help others.  When I learned about doula work, it was like hearing about the me I was supposed to be.  I love being able to empower women and their families with knowledge and resources.   I like to do a lot of work prenatally, I can best serve you if I can get to know what you are all about.  If you go into your birth strong and in charge, prepared to take on any scenario with confidence, then I have done my job.  I am here to support and honor you as you traverse this path, whichever way you choose to do it.  Some of the many skills I have in my bag are rebozo, aromatherapy, acupressure and raw placenta preparation.  Since becoming a doula, there is a peace and calm about my life, this is my destination.  I would love to meet with you to discuss your upcoming birth! Visit my website thepainteddoula.com to learn more about me and my services


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